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Helen, Cancer Survivor

"After spending the last 12 months getting on top of metastatic breast cancer, I found my way to Dee's adaptive yoga classes to start to regain lost flexibility, strength, and sense of well being. Working with Dee has been a total delight. The pacing is perfect. Dee has shown me many ways to adapt familiar poses to fit my current capabilities. I can see and feel my progress with each class, which gives me the confidence and desire to practice at home. Dee's approach is one of collaboration: we are on a joint journey from the current state to something improved...she is a real partner in my quest for better health. The studio is a welcoming serene space that supports the good things happening in class."


"As a busy mom, I was always thinking ahead and rarely enjoying the moment. I decided that I needed Yoga and tried many studios. Once I met Dee, I knew she was something special. She has a gift of meeting you where you are and bringing out your best. Every time I leave our practice, I am relaxed, refreshed and content. Her positivity has benefited our entire family. She has helped my older son with stretches to help with his competitive swimming and taught my younger son some simple relaxation techniques to wind down before bed . All of us had different needs but yet she was able to help improve all of our lives."

Kathy, Girls High School Basketball Coach

"As a high school basketball coach , Dee's workouts are invaluable to me. She not only strengthens their bodies but she strengthens their minds as well. Dee truly cares about people and that care is exemplified in the workouts she leads. Patriot Integrative Heath and Chiropractic get 2 thumbs up from me!"

Meghan Florkowski Program Manager, V-WISE Institute for Veterans and Military Families, Syracuse University

"Dee was an excellent resource for over 250 of our program graduates during our alumni training conference in November of 2014. We brought Dee in as an expert to provide women veteran and military spouse entrepreneurs with tools they can use from their home or office to bring a little balance into their lives. As business women who have a lot to juggle, our graduates often leave wellness on the back-burner. We appreciated her expertise, thoroughness and unstoppable energy. Thank you Dee!"

Libby (Private client)

"Dee introduced me to therapeutic yoga and the benefits of daily yoga practice. I am hooked! After years of running and rigorous workouts, I am completely sold on the amazing benefits of yoga! As a busy mom, yoga is exactly what I need to increase strength, energy, and exercise. It is also a more gentle approach which calms me as I balance life with 5 kids. Thank you StudioDEE for introducing me to a new way of life!"

Terri R. (LiveStrong Yoga Participant)

"Never truly knew how to relax until taking yoga classes from Dee! I also feel much more flexible since starting yoga and am pleasantly surprised how much more I can do in class now. I do some work from a chair and some from a mat. It's all great! I highly recommend yoga...especially with Dee as an instructor."

Paul Murphy Head Swim Coach, Pirahnas Swim Club

"Thank you for all that you have done in training my swimmers and help them perform at the highest level. At the beginning of the season we did not have access to a weight room. Because we have swimmers at the national level I knew in order to have a successful season I needed to have a better than average dryland season. Well as fate would have it I met you and you have made all of the difference in the world. You have helped the kids realize that training is more than just the physical, but it also included the positive and progressive approach to what you do in and out of the pool. The swimmers really enjoy you and you give me a more diverse and fun approach to training. Your dryland is exactly what the team and I are looking for to challenge our swimmers."

Kathy McCartney (Head Basketball Coach, Villa Maria Academy High School)

"Dee Person was an absolute homerun for my team. She did all the preseason training of my basketball team. She not only physically trained my team which greatly improved their strength and flexibility, but she also trained their minds which made them more resilient and focused. She was demanding but patient with the less talented kids. No matter what the level, Dee was able to differentiate the instruction to reach the kids. There was measurable improvement in all areas and I am convinced that Dee's training was a key to our qualifying for the state tournament."


"As a 21 year breast cancer survivor and as the event chair, I am grateful that Dee Pearson accepted our invitation to come out to our American Cancer Society 20th Anniversary  Relay for Life of Central Chester County event.  Several survivors took advantage of the opportunity to experience her unique program.  Dee was very professional and compassionate in her presentation.   I personally found the program to be a great chance to relax, slow down, unwind and do something very wonderful for my mind and my body.  I believe this class is a wonderful opportunity for cancer survivors to not only come together as a group to support one another, but to do something healthy, gentle and very positive for their bodies.  Dee promotes and atmosphere of acceptance, is welcoming and encouraging to her participants.  The class is quiet and non-threatening.  It  helps the survivor the to relax, breathe and to release the tension from their body.   It allows them to feel good about themselves which promotes self-esteem and reduces depression."

Jennifer, Corporate Lunchtime Class

"What a great way to start off a work week! I am so glad you are coming back next week, I can't wait."

Kasey, Corporate Lunchtime Class

"I can already notice my posture is better after just one class!"

Kandi, Private Instruction

"Dee is so encouraging as a teacher, I never thought I could do certain postures until Dee showed me how. Thank you!"

Cancer Well Fit Participant, Jun 2014

"Dee's Cancer yoga program is excellent! She understands her students physical and emotional needs. Cancer patients have a variety of health issues-surgery, chemo, radiation, other drugs, etc that can affect a person's ability to exercise. A standard PT program does not match the needs of a cancer patient, Dee's class does!"

Pat M.

" Really love Dee's Cancer Yoga Class. It has helped to release my stress!"

- Pat M, Yoga for Cancer Participant May 2014

Dr.Gregory Ochsner, MD, Radiation Oncologist at Comprehensive Cancer Care Center

Dee helped make our first survivor event a tremendous success. Our 60 guests were actively engaged with her yoga/meditation demonstration and presentation. It is quite apparent she possesses a passion for her work. Anyone going through a healing process would benefit from Dee's workshops as she helps strengthen the mind/body connection.

Cancer Class Participant

"After having numerous surgeries, I wanted to be able to regain function of my chest/arms. The first session with Dee improved my range of motion. I was surprised at how quick it happened. Dee knows what movements and how much a person can/should do physically. I continue to improve with each session!" - Cancer Class Participant

Class Participant

"Dee is so special-She's caring and an excellent teacher/motivator!  I always feel good and less stress after yoga."

- Class Participant

Survivorship Nurse Navigator, Penn Medicine: Chester County Hospital

"I want to personally thank Dee for her efforts and generosity in leading our group of Cancer Survivors through a yoga session at our spring workshop.  The feedback was wonderful.  I would like to share some of the comments with you.  We asked the participants, "can you evaluate Dee Person's Yoga session?  Would you recommend including it in the program?

The comments are as follows:

- Definitely- very helpful regardless of having cancer or not

- Yes-loved it!

- I've never done Yoga-this was very good!

- Yes!

- Yes I would

- Very much so!

Our group discussion afterwards was very positive and the group unanimously recommended continuing this.  Dee did a wonderful job leading this group through a session that was very appropriate for the physical diversity of the patients and provided a great example of caring for body, mind, and spirit. "